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They’re very different, in a Yin-Yang way: Chris is a quiet, self-effacing craftsman who goes about his business of perfecting the almost lost art of extremely subtle acting for the camera — he’s aware, I think, of how a tiny shift of the planes of his face convey his thoughts and emotions; Darren is cheerfully and robustly conquering the world with a tireless energy for the many things heaped on his plate all at once.



Ian Somerhalder & Darren Criss at the Teen Choice Awards 2013.

Every time I see this I can’t help but wonder what was happening - Ian opens his arms to Darren from a distance - then Darren just falls into it like he needs this embrace (not just a hug) - Ian says some words to him as he pats his back like to encourage him but then realizes he needs to do more and puts his hand on Darren’s head and Darren just drops his head to Ian’s shoulder. It really is a very private and personal moment between two friends that gets interrupted by the man with the camera to whom the two of them camp it up for a picture - but as soon as the photo op passes they are right back to each other until the “stage manager?” comes to them as Ian is kissing Darren’s hand.  What a moment of tranquility in a very chaotic scene.







The only thing faster than light is a fangirl who hears her idol come on the tv in another room.

i was a 45 minute drive away from my house and I made it to my house in 13 minutes cause the season finale of supernatural started in 10 minutes

How many people did you run over?

the important thing is that she didn’t miss the episode